Wear to Work Outfits

Going from sorority-college-girl outfits to 9-to-5-corporate-girl outfits has been challenging to say the least. No ponytails? I have to straighten my hair every day? I have to wear heels and blazers? And cardigans??

Where did my oversized t-shirts and leggings go?? Sigh..

Plus, how do you buy a whole new wardrobe with very little money to spend?

Yeah.. I'm still working on it.

A few of my favorite wear-to-work outfits..

Images from Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, Net-a-Porter, J. Crew

I'm very into neutrals for spring/summer because they're both cool and classic. You can look chic and professional while still being comfortable.

One of the things I like most about my company is how versatile everyone is. It is perfectly acceptable to wear a pant-suit, or a simple blouse with a skirt and flats. We even had an employee wear cowgirl boots last Friday! Can you say casual??

That being said, I think it's important to dress for the position you want, not the position you have, while still incorporating your personal style into your looks. My advice? Watch what your boss wears and try to dress up to her level of professionalism, if not higher. When you put effort into the way you present yourself, your colleagues will notice and it will pay off!



Closet Organization: A Story

Once upon a time, a girl graduated from college. 

Thank you, Lowder, for my business degree

She moved her belongings from Auburn to Atlanta, and quickly realized that she had too many things and too little places to put them. This is her story.

I moved home almost 3 weeks ago and still am not entirely unpacked. The problem? I literally have no place to put things!

The first items to find a home were my most important possessions: clothes and shoes (duh.) However, when I began to "organize" my shoe collection, it became apparent that the floor of my closet would not be an appropriate home for them. 

Shoe collection: Before

I began looking online for a shoe rack that might help me with my problem, but even a cheap one from Target ran around $40. Let's be real here. I just graduated from college. I'm working, but I'm still poor. I don't have $40 to spend on a shoe rack.

So, obvious decision, little old me decided I'd build my own shoe rack. How hard could it be?

Well, I quickly learned two things: 1) It's hard to build a shoe rack when you don't have square corners, and 2) I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. A table saw? Nail gun? Straight edge? What's that?

Thankfully, I have the best dad in the whole world and he came to my rescue! We (meaning he) re-cut all the pieces and somehow it ended up being (somewhat) even. Woot!

Shoes: After

I also found that I didn't have adequate storage for my insane scarf collection. So, my brilliant solution was...

a pants hanger! At only around $5 from Walmart, it gave me a really efficient way to store my scarves in easy view on the inside of my closet. 

So, lovelies, that's my closet accessories story. More to come later as I begin to tackle the rest of my room!

I'll leave you with some fabulous photos of some of my favorite closet spaces:

Khloe Kardashian's closet, via The Coveteur

Marble countertops and a TV? Yes, please. 

The infamous shoe closet of Mariah Carey

love the mirror!