Beat the Sweet

Today marks Day Two of my sugar-free diet.

I have decided to cut-out added/processed sugar out of my diet for a seemingly-impossible seven days, and it's already proving to be more of a challenge than I expected. Added sugar is found in practically everything - from the obvious cookies and cakes to the not-so-obvious salad dressing, ketchup, peanut butter, cereal, spaghetti sauce, cottage cheese, salsa, even sliced turkey.

My plan was to stick to natural, unprocessed foods to avoid added sugars. Remember people, the point of this is to cut-out added sugars from my diet, not to avoid sugars all together. Foods like fruit and bread contain naturally-occurring sugars, which are fine. Lunch yesterday was supposed to be a turkey sandwich on organic whole-wheat bread (which, again, has natural sugars, but no added sugars). Simple enough, right? Wrong! My lunch backfired when I started reading labels - the mayo contained sugar, so I though I'd substitute some light ranch dressing or caeser dressing. Nope, all sugar. Then I looked closer at the turkey itself. Yep.. even the turkey (Kroger brand) contained added dextrose. I just wanted a sandwich!

Ultimately, lunch ended up being a salmon croquette (salmon, flour, egg cooked in a pan with olive oil) with some mustard. Typically, I eat these with ketchup but, of course, ketchup has sugar. Ughhh frustration.

Dinner was chicken-pot-pie (cooked by my sweet mother) and contained peas, carrots, corn, cream of chicken, and roasted shredded chicken. No sugar here - I checked!

Breakfast this morning consisted of two poached eggs and a slice of whole-wheat toast (again, contains naturally occurring sugars, but no added sugars which is what I'm trying to avoid). Lunch is leftover chicken-pot-pie from last night, with snacks of fruit and almonds in between meals. Yummy :)

My reasons for doing this? Well, that's a good question. Mostly just to see if I can. I'm a fairly healthy eater anyways - I rarely eat desserts, I make an effort not to eat processed foods, I don't eat fast-food, I don't drink soda.. So I thought I'd further challenge myself. Already, it's been an eye-opening experience at how much sugar our population really eats. I mean, is it really necessary to put sugar in my tomato sauce, sliced turkey, and yogurt? Considering the average American eats 22 teaspoons of sugar per day, which is almost three times the recommended amount, I think not.


More updates later. Enjoy your week!




A seriously cool video from Rick Mereki. Inspiring, no?

I may have a teensy-weensy little crush on this guy. He's cute, creative, and likes to travel. What's not to like?


Well Hello There

Today marks the first day of that magical season, autumn.

It's warm, humid, and rainy here in Atlanta today, but you can feel the cool weather coming.

This fall, I'm looking forward to, more than anything, CAMPING! We go to Windrock Mountain in Oak Ridge, TN for a weekend of riding ATVs and camping, and it's absolutely breathtaking this time of year. Being far away from anything and everything is a great feeing. 

I've already started stockpiling new sweaters and boots for the upcoming fall months. J.Crew sweaters are a beautiful thing. 

I'll leave you with some warm Chanel, you know, just for good measure. ;)

Enjoy this short-lived season while you can, it's a beautiful one.



Love Auburn if they win, lose, or tie

I love Auburn like my name was Pat Dye!

My beloved football team lost their first game since October of 2009 when they played Clemson this past Saturday. Our 17-win streak sadly came to an abrupt halt.

Win or lose, I have a fierce adoration for all things Auburn University.

Including Aubie...

Seriously, I dare you to watch that video and not let out at least a small giggle.