A Sad Day for Bridal

I shed a tear today as I learned that Priscilla of Boston is closing their doors. I'm not engaged, or even close to being engaged, but every time I've ever been bored and browsed wedding dresses online with my roommates, it was always always always the Priscilla of Boston dresses that caught my attention.

vineyard by priscilla of boston wedding dresses

Le sigh. Goodbye, dream dresses. 


Bright Lights, Big City

The neon/bright colors are everywhere. They're on the runways, on the streets, in the stores, and... not in my closet.

I have a few items that I like to wear every now and then as "pop of color", but as a whole my wardrobe is pretty neutral. Not bland, just neutral. Classic. I am drawn to the chic-ness (not a word, I know) of creams, whites, browns, and blacks. Imagine the colors in a Burberry plaid - that's my closet. 

These images have been really catching my eye lately.. How could you not love the color in these outfits?? So fun. 

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And I'll leave you with some Man Repeller.. because she's awesome and she makes me giggle. 



Particularly Plaid

It's a Monday. One of those Mondays. It's cold and rainy outside, and I'd really like to be at home asleep. Ugh.

Plaid is such a comforting pattern in the autumn and winter months.

I'm particularly obsessed with this new button-down I bought from J.Crew a few weeks ago. It is SO SOFT and I've been wearing it with everything. My favorite go-to look is wearing this top with black leggings and brown boots (I know.. leggings aren't pants. Whatevs). Plans are in the works to buy this top in every color offered. I love it that much.

Factory perfect shirt in flannel
My newest J.Crew obsession
Master Bedroom
Neutral colors with a touch of pattern
Bright at funky. J.Crew. Just what I like.

Kourtney Kardashian Clothes
Swish skirt in plaid
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A hint of plaid through a scarf 
Country shabby - if that's your style
I'd like to be tangled up in one of these now, plzkthx
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The pillows
And, of course, the most iconic plaid of all...