Get Maxi Wit It

The maxi-skirt trend is one bandwagon I am definitely jumping on. I loved the ease of maxi-dresses, but now they're so out and skirts are so in.

I purchased a light grey one from F21 a few months ago, but returned it because I was unsure if I'd be able to pull it off. It probably didn't help that the first thing out of my roommates mouth was "So, did it come with a Bible, or do you have to purchase that separately? You look like a Duggar. Don't take that offensively - she's Catholic and we love the Duggars ;) But I kick myself every day for returning that skirt, because F21 doesn't sell it anymore and now I can't find one (in my price range) anywhere! Hmph. I'm pouting now just thinking about it.

The floral prints scare me a little bit, especially the one on Isabel Lucas (left). It takes some cajones to pull those off. 

Here's how I would wear it. Nice and casual - jersey fabric, white t-shirt, and lots of fab jewelry.

Keep It Casual



Dedicated Post

I've become so smitten over the blog Atlantic-Pacific that I just have to share with you!

Blair Eadie (seriously, even her name is cool!) has a sense of style that just screams street style. She has an impeccable eye for mixing patterns and colors.

That jacket is from GapKids. See? Genius.
I'm so inspired by the way she mixes high and low pieces.

Perfect mix of colors and prints

Blair's blog also led me to the fabulously talented Inslee Haynes. Her work is to-die-for.
I was on the fence about which of these to prints to purchase..

Green Pearls (print)Patriot (print)

I considered purchasing both of them, but the "I'm-up-to-my-ears-in-student-loans" voice in my head said not to splurge too much on something I don't technically need. So I ended up with the girl in the green pearls, on the left. I think she's fabulous :)

It will be part of a gallery wall as soon as I find some frames!


Hombre, Ombre, Ombra?

In French, the word ombré means "shadowed." In Spanish, the similar word hombre means friend (whereas sombra means shadow). I've always thought that maybe the words for shadow and friend evolved together because a friend follows you around like a shadow (or maybe a shadow follows you around like a friend.) Don't you love how languages play like that?

But I'm getting off topic..

Today's post is the trendy hairstyle... OMBRÉ!! Which is basically where the color of you roots shadows (or blends) into the tips of your hair.

I'm seriously considering dying my hair like this. I love how it looks as if you've spent hours upon hours outside lounging in the sunshine.. my mom, however, thinks it looks like cheap, like you forgot to have your roots done.

Theoretically, I'd like something really subtle, similar to Lily Aldrege's hair.

or Rachel Bilson

And NOT like Drew Barrymore.

Thoughts? Is that dangerously trendy, or something worth trying?


Let's Play a Game..

It's called High/Low. I'll show you pictures of two similarly styles designer rooms, and you guess which one cost more!

Actually, I'll just tell you. That makes it more fun for me.

Ready... go!

Decor Accessories: Option A
Decor Accessories: Option B

Boudoir: Option A
Boudoir: Option B
Dressing Room: Option A
Dressing Room: Option B
Nursery: Option A
Nursery: Option B

While I can't argue that you have many more options with a $10,000 budget, this is PROOF that it is possible to get a designer look on a budget! Stores like Target, IKEA, even Etsy, can provide you with expensive looks for less. 

Visit for more high/low designs!



Getting Ready for Fall

Today marked that time of year, when classes start back up again and the days of summer start dwindling down. Most of metro Atlanta schools started back today (which also meant traffic was a stand-still for most of my 23 mile commute to Buckhead). Mid-August means that days will start getting shorter and within the next two months we will have to start pulling jackets out of storage. Of course, in Atlanta, the weather won't start to get cold until mid-September or October, at which time the temperature will vary from 90° one day to 60° the next. Oh, how I love the South ;)

Some things I'm looking forward to this fall/winter:

Purchasing a new car sometime in January. Lexie (my '99 Lexus RX) is getting to be pretty old in both years and miles. I will probably cry when the time comes to get rid of her - she's my baby!

Moving out of my parent's house and getting an apartment closer to work. I'm incredibly blessed to have a family who lets me live for free, feeds me, etc while I get a head start on paying student loans, but I LOVE the city and am eager to get out of the suburbs!

Atlanta Skyline
Traveling with the boyfriend. He works 60 hour weeks in the summer, and starting in September he will have weekends off which means we can actually spend time together!! I'm hoping to go to Nashville, Oak Mountain (camping!), Charleston, and (fingers-crossed) a Bahamas cruise in February.

Getting a puppy. I have Marley, my family's 6-year-old yellow lab, and Luke, my boyfriend's one-year-old yellow lab. I love them both dearly, but I also want a little fluff-ball of my own. I'm going back and forth between an English Springer Spaniel, Australian Sheepdog, or of course another lab. Whatever dog it is needs to be big, kid-friendly, able to run with me, and good with other dogs. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Australian Shepherd Puppy
Australian Sheepdog
English Springer Spaniel
AUBURN FOOTBALL GAMES! It's true that Auburn is your family, and once you become part of that family you live and breathe that blue and orange forever. I miss Auburn more than anything, and I'm beyond excited to visit for football games. War Eagle!

Fall/Winter clothes. While summertime is truly the season that holds my heart, I have to admit I'm looking forward to jeans, sweaters, boots and scarves. Dressing for winter is so much more fun than summer!

Some cold-weather outfits and items I'm coveting:


Rocky Mountain High

My boyfriend, like any typical guy, reminds me constantly that his dream home is a log cabin on a lake way out in the middle of nowhere.. far, far away.

I, on the other hand, dream of either a big white house or a modern glam condo in the city. Could we be any more different?? The thought of a log cabin makes me cringe - so dark, gloomy, stuffy, tacky... yuck.

But then I found this beauty, and it just so happens to be located in one of my favorite places in the country.

Now this is a log cabin I could live in! That turret is what dreams are made of.

The living/dining/kitchen is the opposite of stuffy and dated. Those floors are amazing - true craftsmanship.

I would be majorly content to curl up by that fireplace with some hot chocolate and a cozy knit sweater.

It's a mere 98 degrees here in Atlanta.. dreaming of colder weather, anyone?


I'm Late, I'm Late!

Happy belated birthdays to some of my favorite people...

The beautiful, sexy, talented, smart, and fierce Michii turned 22 on July 21nd.
Michelle Salom

My adoring boyfriend turned 24 on July 30th.

And (most importantly) my sweet baby Luke will be turning ONE this Thursday, August 4th. ONE!! 

So, happy bday to my lovies :)



My design obsession the past few weeks: quatrefoil. It's a pattern I want to put it everywhere - mirrors, rugs, curtains, wallpaper, you name it! Even if it's just remotely reminiscent of a quatrefoil design, like the Ballard curtains below, I don't know what it is about it, but I love it!

Firenze Embroidered Panel

Pair of 2 Lattice Work Designer Pillows / 18 inch / Navy Blue / Zipper Enclosure

Jet Black Clover Flower Slender Gold Hoop Earrings

yellow quatrefoil, touch of turqoise

double quatrefoil window accent

Regina Andrew quatrefoil pendant.

My Stencil Wall

And perhaps what I'm most excited about is this wallpaper stencil pattern from the Jones Design Company. That woman is a genius. Seriously, if you don't read her blog, you need to start right now.