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I've become so smitten over the blog Atlantic-Pacific that I just have to share with you!

Blair Eadie (seriously, even her name is cool!) has a sense of style that just screams street style. She has an impeccable eye for mixing patterns and colors.

That jacket is from GapKids. See? Genius.
I'm so inspired by the way she mixes high and low pieces.

Perfect mix of colors and prints

Blair's blog also led me to the fabulously talented Inslee Haynes. Her work is to-die-for.
I was on the fence about which of these to prints to purchase..

Green Pearls (print)Patriot (print)

I considered purchasing both of them, but the "I'm-up-to-my-ears-in-student-loans" voice in my head said not to splurge too much on something I don't technically need. So I ended up with the girl in the green pearls, on the left. I think she's fabulous :)

It will be part of a gallery wall as soon as I find some frames!

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