Hombre, Ombre, Ombra?

In French, the word ombré means "shadowed." In Spanish, the similar word hombre means friend (whereas sombra means shadow). I've always thought that maybe the words for shadow and friend evolved together because a friend follows you around like a shadow (or maybe a shadow follows you around like a friend.) Don't you love how languages play like that?

But I'm getting off topic..

Today's post is the trendy hairstyle... OMBRÉ!! Which is basically where the color of you roots shadows (or blends) into the tips of your hair.

I'm seriously considering dying my hair like this. I love how it looks as if you've spent hours upon hours outside lounging in the sunshine.. my mom, however, thinks it looks like cheap, like you forgot to have your roots done.

Theoretically, I'd like something really subtle, similar to Lily Aldrege's hair.

or Rachel Bilson

And NOT like Drew Barrymore.

Thoughts? Is that dangerously trendy, or something worth trying?

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