Get Maxi Wit It

The maxi-skirt trend is one bandwagon I am definitely jumping on. I loved the ease of maxi-dresses, but now they're so out and skirts are so in.

I purchased a light grey one from F21 a few months ago, but returned it because I was unsure if I'd be able to pull it off. It probably didn't help that the first thing out of my roommates mouth was "So, did it come with a Bible, or do you have to purchase that separately? You look like a Duggar. Don't take that offensively - she's Catholic and we love the Duggars ;) But I kick myself every day for returning that skirt, because F21 doesn't sell it anymore and now I can't find one (in my price range) anywhere! Hmph. I'm pouting now just thinking about it.

The floral prints scare me a little bit, especially the one on Isabel Lucas (left). It takes some cajones to pull those off. 

Here's how I would wear it. Nice and casual - jersey fabric, white t-shirt, and lots of fab jewelry.

Keep It Casual


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