Particularly Plaid

It's a Monday. One of those Mondays. It's cold and rainy outside, and I'd really like to be at home asleep. Ugh.

Plaid is such a comforting pattern in the autumn and winter months.

I'm particularly obsessed with this new button-down I bought from J.Crew a few weeks ago. It is SO SOFT and I've been wearing it with everything. My favorite go-to look is wearing this top with black leggings and brown boots (I know.. leggings aren't pants. Whatevs). Plans are in the works to buy this top in every color offered. I love it that much.

Factory perfect shirt in flannel
My newest J.Crew obsession
Master Bedroom
Neutral colors with a touch of pattern
Bright at funky. J.Crew. Just what I like.

Kourtney Kardashian Clothes
Swish skirt in plaid
Pinned Image
A hint of plaid through a scarf 
Country shabby - if that's your style
I'd like to be tangled up in one of these now, plzkthx
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The pillows
And, of course, the most iconic plaid of all...


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