Here's to the Old Try

Old Try is a print shop, run by two Southerners relocated to Boston, who make exquisite prints that speak to the heart. 

Like they say, you can take a person out of the South, but you can't take the South out of a person. 

Image of Parishes

Image of Old Dominion

Image of The South Wind

"When we are lost and astray, thunder rolls and the south wind blows guiding us back home."

Image of New South

"There exist two Souths below the Mason-Dixon. One is the place of history, of the county and the proud families and the exploited slaves. The other is a place of the future, of the city and tomorrow, of the growing minority prominence and the exportation of culture to the rest of America. Two Souths, both right and wrong in their own ways, but both in existence since the Civil War, and in my belief, both will live always. It’s our legacy and our tormented soul, and it’s what we run from and run towards with equal conviction."

"Here's to taking a change and seeing where it takes us. Here's to the Old Try."

I highly recommend checking out their online store!

All images belong to Old Try

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