Two little monkeys jumping on the bed..

Growing up, my brothers (all 3 of them) all had rooms with two twin beds. They were perfect for having friends sleep over, and for building sweet forts out of the mattresses (true story).

I was sometimes a little jealous, even though today I'm grateful for the awesome antique, hand-carved, oak double bed I inherited from my mom. Seriously, this thing is badass. There's a cameo of a lady that used to really freak my friends out, but my mom always told me it was "my angel watching over me". Thanks, mom.

Don't you love all the detailing?
The story behind this crazy bed is equally as cool. Way back in the day, my great-grandfather owned a gas station in northern Alabama. When a customer came who needed gas and couldn't afford it, my great-grandfather agreed to trade the gas for future payment of whatever the guy could give. Weeks later, he showed up with this bed as payment for the gas. When he passed, my family found this bed in a storage shed behind the gas station. And voila! My mom had it restored, and now I catch my zzzs in it every night. Isn't life wonderful?

Back to the point of this post, my favorite thing about twin beds is their symmetry. They can be sophisticated while still fun for kids. Get some inspiration from these twin rooms!

How fun are these hanging beds?? 


Rustic bed frames + dramatic wall hangings

The two lamps make me think of bug antennae - great for little boys!

Beautifully elegant nursery

My favorite colors!

Safari-inspired colors and prints

My favorite colors, again. Love the burlap headboards.

Enjoy, loves!


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