An Ethereal, Romantic Castle in... California?

When I came across this listing on Christie's Real Estate, I knew it was just too exquisite to not share with you. This property, dubbed Chiltern, is located in California (of all places).

This home is seriously a masterpiece. It took some very talented architects, artists, landscapers, designers, and craftsmen to put this together. I am in love with the way everything looks as if it's been there forever. The interior is the perfect mixture of modern and traditional (which, if you know me, is exactly my style).

When you look through these pictures, pay attention to the amount of detail put into every little thing!

Notice that the chimney's each have a different pattern?

Breakfast room
The spa (SPA!!) features a sunken tub.
Modern kitchen.

Now onto my favorite part of the property: the outdoor spaces.

An herb garden is located near the main house.

I adore the way this little building is built into the hillside. And that arch!! 

The greenhouse - also features an art studio area.

The end.
Happy dreaming :)


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  1. OMGGGG i want i want... where in cali is this?