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Is anyone else's life as crazy as mine is right now? I would love nothing more than to be sitting on the beach with a bucket of shrimp and some Corona. I just remind myself to pause, breathe, and thank God for everything I'm blessed with in my life.. health, family, friends, my puppies, my job which I love, even the daily challenges I'm presented with are a blessing!

"I asked for strength, 
And God gave me difficulties to make me strong;
I asked for wisdom, 
And God gave me problems to learn to solve;"

Anyways, totally unrelated, here are some of my favorite recent finds on Etsy...

8x10 / van gogh quote
$12 / ohmydeer
Gold Speckled Crimson Feather Necklace With Turquoise
$50 / MaddyNbella
8x10 Rugged Red Barn
$24 / EveBee
Vintage 1950s One Of A Kind Hand Painted Custom Made Necklace - 3 Strands - Made To Order
$149 / LoveObsessed
3 drop porcelain and leather hanging container- medium size
$150 / farrahsit
Short Dainty Sideway Cross Necklace
$40 / MaddyNbella

(I am DYING for this necklace, but money has been tight lately and I just can't bring myself to spend the money on it)

Pink Champagne Graphic Print A3
$25 / LonadeAnna
God provides the Wind fine art print
$30 / thispapership


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  1. Cute finds! That neon necklace is divine!