Millie Rebel

Big changes around here lately! On Saturday, I became a puppy mom to little Miss Millie Rebel.

She's an 8 week old rescue, half German Shepherd and half black lab, and 100% the sweetest dog I've ever known. She just wants to cuddle and be held all the time. She's been mine for two days now but I'm already in love with her!

Seriously, just look at those eyes. And those paws. So precious.

This is how she slept for about two hours when I brought her to a bonfire Saturday night. Her black fur makes it pretty much impossible to see her in the dark, which made for one nervous mama. Please excuse the too-big men's NorthFace jacket - it ended up being a lot colder than expected so I had to borrow whatever I could find! 

She's such a cuddle bug. It's cute now, but I'm not sure how cute it'll be when she's full grown and 80+ lbs!

Today was my first time leaving her home alone while I'm at work, and she was NOT happy about it.

If anyone has tips on how to get her not to cry when I leave, PLEASE PLEASE please share!

Chels and Millie

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  1. OMG chels!!!! shes presh!!! congrats love... ur gonna make a wonderful mommy!!! :)