The Mandatory 2012 Post

In 2011, I...
  • Spent a week in Key West & Miami with some amazing friends
  • Graduated from college!!
  • Started a new job 2 days after graduating
  • Moved back home with my family
  • Went camping in the Tennessee mountains
  • Mourned the anniversary of my boyfriend's mother passing
  • Learned that commuting sucks
  • Signed a lease on an apt in Atlanta
  • Found out that my boyfriend is going to be an uncle for the first time
  • Turned 22
  • Saw my brother excel in culinary school 
  • Danced in the rain (tornados, technically.. but we'll say rain because it sounds better!)
  • Ran my first 5K
  • Ran my first 10K
  • Was extremely blessed to be hired by a company that goes above and beyond for its employees

In 2012, I...
  • Will move into my new apartment with a friend I've known since middle school :)
  • Hope to continue my job
  • Hope to continue to grow and learn in my career, and take on more responsibilities at work
  • Am excited to meet my sweet nephew, Mason, due in January
  • Am determined pray more and learn more about God
  • Would like to better manage my finances (what can I say, shopping is my therapy..)
  • Will visit my friends in Auburn as much as possible
  • Want to ski in Colorado
  • REALLY want to travel. Anywhere. Paris, Colorado, Mexico.. I'd even be happy just going to Florida! Just take me somewhere, please!
  • Hope to volunteer and dedicate my time to helping others
  • Am putting myself on the bone marrow donation registry! Scary, but will be worth it to save someones life
The rest will just be a surprise...
Good things are to come!!

Bonne année et bonne santé!


  1. thats beautiful chels! i hope that 2012 brings u everything u wish for plus more! love u! happy new yr <3

  2. Wow! Sounds like you had a great year and have lots to do in 2012 :-) xoxoxo