The Simple Truth

"Enjoy the little things in life."

It sounds so cliche, but there is so much truth in it! To me, anyways. I try really every day hard not to lose sight of what's important in life.. the little things.

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I spent this past weekend camping and riding ATVs with the bf and some friends. We spent 3 days in the backwoods of Tennessee surrounded by gorgeous scenery. When I'm out in the woods, every little detail captures my attention. The way mini waterfalls appear after a heavy rain, the way certain rocks position themselves in a stream, the different plants that grow in different parts of the mountain.

We stopped to eat lunch near what appeared to be an old abandoned coal sifter. As always, I ventured away from the group (who were busy drinking their beers) and just wandered aimlessly, taking in my surroundings. Somewhere along the way, I found an old glass Coke bottle, faded and dirty from who-knows-how-many-years  sitting in the middle of nowhere. Thoughtlessly, I picked it up and wandered back to our group of guys. I showed it to a friend - "How neat is this? Look, there's even a tiny little snail shell on there!" He looked at me like I was crazy. "Uh, cool, Chels.." I sighed and threw the bottle back into the woods.

Why doesn't everyone appreciate the little things? It's what makes you happy, right? Maybe I am weird, and it was just an old Coke bottle, just a piece of garbage, but why not look past that and just appreciate the coolness of it?

Anyways, those are my ramblings for today. The pic above is Danny and me in Tennessee a few months ago.. I love that guy!

Love your life, don't take anything for grated
 and thank God for everything!


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