Dude, Where's My...

Coffee has been like my crack cocaine lately. Is that bad? Probably.

With the hot temperatures in Atlanta lately (almost 90 degrees last week and it was only APRIL), I've found myself with an iced coffee in my hand pretty much all day. With weather like this I don't even want to think about how hot this summer is going to be. 

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Thank the lawd for caffeine.. I don't know how I'd get through a day without it.

Other things I am currently addicted to, and may or may not be consuming/wearing/doing/watching in mass quantities:

 • Anything leopard print
 • Sweet Genius on the Food Network (has anyone else seen this?! Ron Ben-Isreal is one of the strangest characters I've ever seen on TV)
 • Painting and repainting my nails
 • Driving around with my windows down and music up. (Five minute walk to the grocery store? Nope, driving. Just because I can.)
 • Mexican food
 • Champagne, champagne, champagne, and wine


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