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Loving these light and airy interiors...

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My bedroom at my old Auburn apartment was decorated in all light colors.. white walls, white bedspread, white furniture - and I loved it! I picked that bedroom specifically because it got the most sunlight. This made it impossible to sleep in late with the sun shining in your eyes every morning - but I didn't mind. Except on mornings when I had been out late the night before.. then I cursed my bedroom decision. But that's a whole other topic. Haha. 

My new apartment is more or less the complete opposite - dark furniture in the living room and bright, bold colors in my bedroom. It's meh. I miss my Auburn room, it was like my little oasis in the middle of the craziness of college. 

One thing I've discovered moving around so much is that design is always, always evolving as you grow and your personal tastes change. You have to try new things to learn what you do and do not like.. and if you don't like something, try again! That's the beauty of design - it never has to be permanent. Changing the feel of a space is as easy as painting a wall, switching out accessories, or painting some furniture.

I'd love to hear your design stories. What was your college apartment like? Please share!